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VIP Service Program

VIP Service Program card

VIP Service is provided on the main campus at no charge to all UCI affiliates and includes a Motorist Assist, Bike Assist and Emergency Ride Home Program.

All VIP Services are available between 7am-11pm.

Call (949) 824-VIPS.

Motorist Assist

Motorist Assist services include:

  • Jumpstart
  • Tire sealant
  • Vehicle unlock
  • Emergency Gas Delivery
  • Mobile EV Charging

Limitations include:

  • Jumpstarts may not be possible on 6 volt electrical systems or vehicles that require higher CCAs (Cold Cranking Amps), such as large V8 and diesel vehicles.
  • Use of tire sealant is a temporary fix that requires the owner to replace the tire.
  • Lockout service not possible on all vehicles.
  • Enough gas is given to reach the nearest gas station to purchase fuel.
  • Receive enough charge for your Electric Vehicle to reach one of our charging stations. Find the closest location here.

Bike Assist

Bike Assist services include:

  • Tire sealant
  • Tire inflation

Limitations include:

  • Use of tire sealant is a temporary fix that requires the owner to replace the tire.
  • Service does not include patching of tires.
  • Offers owner use of an air pump, with tire pressure gauge.

Emergency Ride Home

Emergency Ride Home service includes:

  • One-way ride within a 40 mile radius of UCI

Limitations include:

  • Emergencies only
  • Rides provided where other options have been exhausted
  • Only available from the UCI main campus
  • 1 use per year
  • 40 mile radius maximum
  • Not available during University holidays
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