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Document Management

UCI Document Management provides secure and reliable imaging services for the UCI campus and the UCI Medical Center. Our team is HIPAA compliant and expertly trained to offer various services that support the campus community.

*Please note that our office has moved to University Research Park.


Digital Imaging

UCI employees may request this service to convert any paper-based documents into searchable digital files, accessible from any mobile device.

Personnel Records Online system

Our team manages the digital conversion, file transfer, and retention of UCI personnel documentation within the Personnel Records Online system (PROs) FileNet repository.

Rapid Return

This service enables instructors to return large numbers of exams to their students quickly and securely.

Document Conversion

UCI students, faculty, and staff may use this complimentary tool to create a range of alternative formats from text or image-based files.

Document Management Best Practices

Privacy Protection

  • Protect confidential information from being exposed by keeping sensitive documents out of sight in public areas
  • Do not leave confidential documents unattended

Data Storage

  • Avoid saving confidential information to personal or shared devices
  • Avoid creating multiple copies of documents
  • Never store sensitive UCI data on non-UCI devices

Record Retention and Security Policies

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