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Our Commitment to Keeping UCI Moving

Transportation and Distribution Services does much more than just sell parking permits. T&DS has an environmental commitment and legal mandate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from all vehicles traveling on and around the UCI campus. This commitment is at the heart of every program and service we offer. Programs to reduce costs and emissions benefit our customers and our campus community in many ways, although some are not readily apparent. Some programs offer direct subsidies or reduced costs, and other save resources in other ways, and, ultimately we all benefit.

By managing its physical inventory of parking spaces wisely, T&DS is reducing traffic on and off the campus, maintaining the right balance of parking spaces to parking need, and eliminating the additional cost of new lots or structures.

We have a holistic approach to parking which is exemplified in our commitment to "Keeping UCI Moving."

  • Our approach is to encourage people to leave their vehicles at home by offering subsidized public transportation and ways to get around the campus without a car.
    • As an example, the complimentary Holiday Shuttle program for all UCI affiliates is successfully reducing traffic to John Wayne Airport and the Irvine Train Station during the busy Thanksgiving and Winter Break travel periods, taking hundreds of UCI passengers to their travel connections.
  • Additionally, parking is zoned so that the greatest number of people can park in the fewest number of stalls; a concept called shared parking.
  • Because of efforts to reduce vehicles on campus, new lots and structures do not need to be built. New lots and structures are funded through parking permit sales and their construction paves over open spaces. Because parking is efficiently used at all times, your permit rates stay at one of the lowest rates of all the UCs and UCI remains a campus with an enviable amount of open space.

In addition, T&DS' resources help to defray costs of other campus services by directly funding other units, portions of the general campus fund, and various campus projects throughout the year. All of T&DS' initiatives keep UCI moving! We invite you to browse this site to learn more about what Transportation and Distribution Services has to offer.

UCI Transportation and Distribution Services
200 Public Services Building
Irvine, CA 92697-4525
Phone: (949) 824-7275
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
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