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Safety & Maintenance

Safety Enhancements

UCI Transportation is responsible for infrastructure enhancements at signalized intersections and works with the community to ensure safe and efficient travel on campus roadways.

Recent enhancements include the installation of:

  • Audible pedestrian push buttons for the visually impaired.
  • Countdown timers at signalized crosswalks to improve pedestrian safety
  • LED traffic signal lights for reduced maintenance and environmental impact


Transportation and Distribution Services conducts monthly inspections of traffic signals which, along with preventative maintenance, facilitates their safe and efficient operation and minimizes traffic delays. UCI Transportation partners with external contractors to perform the maintenance.

Each month, UCI Transportation inspects the operation of the:

  • Green, yellow and red vehicle lights
  • Pedestrian "WALK" and "DON'T WALK" symbols
  • Pedestrian push buttons
  • Bicycle push buttons
  • Vehicle detection sensors
  • Overall function and performance of the intersection
  • Regulatory traffic signs

Summer Maintenance Program

Each summer, UCI Transportation and Distribution Services (TDS) performs preventative maintenance for parking facilities and restripes campus roadways. UCI Maintenance Services divides the campus lots into three groups, on a three-year rotation, to ensure that proper maintenance is completed and costly replacements are deferred.

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