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Appeal Citation

Appealing your citation may result in a reduced penalty amount or the complete dismissal of your citation. Citations must be appealed within 21 days of issuance to avoid a late penalty. Please read the contesting process instructions carefully. If you are contesting a citation, do not pay the citation fees unless instructed to do so. Paid citations are not eligible for administrative review and will cancel the review request.

There are three levels of citation review. To view a flow chart of the process, visit

Citation Appeal Process:

Please read carefully the instructions on the contesting process. If you are contesting a citation, do not pay the citation fees unless instructed to do so. Paid citations are not eligible for administrative review and will cancel the review request.

Level 1: Administration Review

For your convenience, the first-level review, the Administrative Review, takes place online. Begin at Request Citation Appeal and follow the instructions. You may submit a review request for every citation received, though you may only contest one citation per online review request.

Citations may also be contested in writing by using the form available at the main UCI Transportation office. If you choose this option, you may take the form to complete it at home and mail the completed form to the address below.

UCI Citation Processing Center
200 Public Services Building
Irvine, CA 92697-4525

Administrative Review decisions are not given or discussed by phone or in person. All citation hearing decisions will be communicated in writing within 10 business days.

Level 2: Administration Hearing

If you are not satisfied with the first level (Administration Review) decision, you may request the second level, Administration Hearing. At this level, you will have the opportunity to meet with a third party certified hearing examiner on campus or request a hearing by correspondence. You will be able to submit your reasons for contesting, as well as additional information such as photos, evidence, etc.

You may request an Administration Hearing in person at the main UCI Transportation office during normal business hours. Per the California Vehicle Code (CVC), the payment of the citation and Administration Hearing request must be made by the due date shown on the Administration Review decision letter. If you are unable to pay the fine amount required to further contest your ticket, you may also request a payment waiver at the main UCI Transportation office.

The results will be mailed to you in the week following your hearing. If your citation is dismissed, the amount paid will be refunded to you.

If a request for a second-level Administration Hearing is not filed by the due date indicated in the Administration Review decision letter (postmarks accepted), the decision at the first-level Administrative Review shall become final.

Level 3: Civil Appeals

If you are not satisfied with the Administration Hearing decision, CVC 40230(a) allows for the ability to file a Civil Appeal. You may file a Civil Appeal with the Central Justice Center within 30 calendar days from the date of the mailing of the second-level Administration Hearing decision letter.

Your citation must be paid in full prior to filing a Civil Appeal. If your citation has remained unpaid due to a previous request for a waiver of the penalty, you must pay within 30 calendar days of the mail date of the Administration Hearing results letter.

The court charges a $25.00 filing fee per citation to process appeals. If the court rules in your favor, UCI Transportation will be required to refund your filing fee, plus any parking penalties that the court may dismiss.

File your third-level Civil Appeal court request at the address below.

Central Justice Center
700 W Civic Center Drive
Santa Ana, CA 92701

If a notice of appeal is not filed with the court within 30 calendar days, the decision rendered by the hearing examiner shall become final.

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