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Purchasing & Rentals

Fleet Purchasing

Departments are required to check with Fleet Services before buying a vehicle. Proper specification ensures vehicles are built to safely handle what you need - whether that's utility, heavy-duty loads, passenger transport, etc. It can also save money. Fleet Services can help you determine the best type of vehicle to suit your needs and find the best deals. We'll also help you navigate license, insurance and registration requirements. Please call (949) 824-5535 to discuss further.

Vehicle Rental Services

Fleet Services provides short-term vehicle rentals to faculty, staff and students for University business. All rental services are paid through departmental recharge. There are no out of pocket costs for drivers - not even for gas!

Fleet Services does not provide drivers for vehicle rentals. Should you need drivers, please contact UCI Transportation's Executive Charter Services at 949-824-2691.

We own a small pool of rental vehicles available to the UCI community.

Fleet Services-Owned Rental Vehicles
    • A Fleet Services customer service representative will assist you in selecting the most appropriate vehicle for your desired destination. Please submit a Vehicle Reservation Request form for further assistance. All Fleet Service Rental Vehicles are limited to local use, for long distance travel (beyond 50 miles) we recommend a vendor-owned vehicle.
    • Rates: For a list of vehicles, including daily rates and mileage charges, view Fleet Services Vehicles.
    • Overall Costs: Rental charges include the daily rate, mileage, and fuel costs.
    • Insurance: All Fleet Services Rental Vehicles are University-owned, and are insured through UCI Material & Risk Management. All drivers are covered by this policy.
    • Other Requirements:
      • Drivers must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver's license.
      • Vehicles cannot be used Off-Road under any circumstances. Use is restricted to paved roads and highways.
Vendor-Owned Rental Vehicles

Vendor-owned vehicles are available to supplement the Fleet rental pool, for traveling greater distances, and when commercial vehicles are required.

    • Rates: For a list of vehicles, including daily rates, view Vendor Vehicles.
    • Overall Costs: Rental charges include the daily rate, tax, fuel and a one-time processing fee.
      • Mileage is free for passenger vehicles, up to 3000 miles, within California, Arizona and Nevada.
      • Mileage charges apply to commercial vehicle rentals.
      • Delivery charges apply to box truck rentals.
      • Enterprise contracts include additional charges for Roadside Assistance Protection ($3.99/day for passenger vehicles, $5.99/day for commercial vehicles).
      • One-Time Processing Fees:
        • $40.00 per vehicle: Sedans (compact, mid-size, standard, full size)
        • $55.00 per vehicle: Premium Vehicles (SUV's, luxury vehicles)
        • $55.00 per vehicle: Vans and Small Trucks (mini, cargo, pickups)
        • $65.00 per vehicle: Commercial Trucks (4WD's stake bed)**does not include delivery fee
          • ***Please note if two or more vehicles are rented at a time a 10% discount will be applied***
    • Insurance: All rentals include insurance. The cost is included in the daily rate.
    • Other Requirements:
      • Drivers must be at least 21 years older and possess the appropriate license classification. Customers may assign up to 3 drivers per vehicle.
      • Vendor-owned rental vehicles cannot be used to transport minors (children in 12th grade or younger).
      • Off-Road use is permitted under certain conditions. Contact Fleet Services for more information.
Requesting A Rental

Rental Office and Vehicle Pickups/Returns

  • Rental Office Hours: 8:00am - 2:00pm, Monday - Friday
  • Vehicle Pickup: Vehicles are available for pickup at the date and time indicated on your Vehicle Reservation Request. Please be on time to pickup rental vehicles, or contact Fleet Services if you will be late.
  • Vehicle Return: Our secure Return Lot is available 24/7 and includes a drop box for keys. Drivers are given a gate key for the Return Lot along with the gas card. Please return your rental vehicle at the date and time indicated on your Vehicle Reservation Request.
Important Information and Requirements
  • Cancellation Policy: 24 hour notice or the daily rate may apply.
  • Citations:
    • Any citations (driver, vehicle, parking, toll or other) are the responsibility of the driver.
    • Please pay citations promptly and notify Fleet Services when they have been paid.
    • UC Policy prohibits the use of University funds to pay for citations.
  • Documentation: Customers may find it helpful to save the following for backup documentation:
    • Copy of Vehicle Reservation Request
    • Confirmation Email
    • Copy of Vendor Contract (if applicable)
    • Fuel Receipts
  • Fuel:
    • Gas cards are given to customers for each rental vehicle. A PIN is required for each card, which is given when your rental is picked up.
    • Fuel charges may be billed one month in arrears. Please save fuel receipts to anticipate charges. Fuel receipts are the responsibility of the driver. Fleet Services will not save or forward fuel receipts.
    • All rentals must be re-fueled before they are returned or re-fueling charges will apply.
    • Vendors charge a higher rate than average per gallon to re-fuel. Please check your vendor contract for the current rate.
  • Parking on Campus:
    • Fleet Services Vehicles: May be parked on campus in regular and A/R Reserved stalls, as well as E Plate Only stalls. Parking is not permitted in disabled stalls or those reserved for a specific person or department, or in X permit stalls.
    • Vendor Vehicles:  Parking permits for the Irvine campus and UCI Medical Center are not included with your rental. One-day guest permits for A/R Reserved stalls are available at Fleet Services, payable via departmental recharge.
    • Please contact the UCIMC Parking Office for information about medical center parking policies.
  • Recharge Billing: All rental charges are billed at the close of the current month. Fuel charges from gas cards may be billed one month in arrears. Please ensure drivers save fuel receipts to anticipate these charges.
  • Vendor Contract & Insurance:
    • Vendor contracts include important information about your responsibilities as a renter, including insurance coverage and circumstances that may revoke insurance coverage.
    • All drivers are responsible for reviewing the entire contract.

By signing and initialing the contract, you are agreeing to the vendor's Terms of Use.

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