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Personnel Records Online system (PROs)

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The purpose of the Personnel Records Online system (PROs) (formerly EROS) System is to:

  • Create a consolidated and complete employee file that is accessible to those who require access
  • Reduce institutional risks related to unauthorized access to employee records
  • Streamline the process of responding to subpoenas
  • Manage the retention and disposition of employee records in accordance with UC guidelines

The document imaging system for payroll and staff personnel records will include images of all documents currently retained within the Payroll imaging system and newly scanned items that are currently maintained in paper staff personnel files housed in an employee’s home department or coordinating point office. The system will provide improved document control through authentication procedures, role based access restrictions, and business-rule based permissions.

During the scanning process, each image will be indexed by the employee’s name and identification number. The name and employee identification number will be used as the search fields in the user interface. As UCPATH goes live, PROs will incorporate another field called EID, which will be searchable and unique for each individual.

The KUALI Security Access Management System (KSAMS) will provide the functionality to identify specific populations within the organizational hierarchy, and define the boundaries of an individual’s role-based access. KSAMS will also manage changes to an employee’s funding resulting in an automatic update to who has access to that employee’s files.

PROs will incorporate a few additional fields of information, such as payroll status codes to identify individuals who have separated from employment. This data will be used to automatically trigger records to be moved to archival retention status. Based on the code indicating the reason for the separation, the appropriate records retention period will automatically be assigned to the file.

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