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A Safe Commute is a Green Commute

Transportation and Distribution Services strongly encourages the use of sustainable transportation to commute to and from the campus and to incorporate into everyday living. However, the reality is that almost everyone needs to drive a car at some time for personal or professional reasons. T&DS has partnered with UCI Wellness and Safety and other campus units to disseminate information and join in events that encourage green commuting as part of wellness and safety initiatives. T&DS also hosts events that educate the UCI community about the connection between good driving habits and general wellness and safety. Did you know that good driving habits and a well-maintained car will:

  • save money by improving a car's miles per gallon
  • contribute less to pollution and CO¬≤ emissions
  • optimize safety for the driver and others on the road

As an example, by keeping your vehicle's tires inflated to the proper pressure you can increase your car's gas mileage by 3% or more over non-properly inflated tires. An increase in your vehicle's mileage translates directly to saving you money because you are buying less gasoline; it keeps more harmful pollutants and emissions out of the air because not as much fuel is being burned and the car is running more efficiently; and optimizes your vehicles' safety because the tires are inflated to the manufacturer's specifications for maximum performance so your car will be more responsive and safer for you and everyone else on the road.

The choices you make about what you drive and the way you drive it have many important consequences and we hope you will find the information provided helpful.

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