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International Mail

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International mail is subject to export controls and customs regulations. It is imperative that all individuals who send international UCI business related mail understand and abide by the following:

U.S. Export Controls

All UCI business-related international shipping export control information is maintained and updated by the UCI Office of Research Export Controls. To determine whether an export license is required, submit a shipment review form through the Office of Research's International Shipping website.

Exporting controlled materials, items, or technology to a foreign country or providing access to export controlled technology in the United States to an unauthorized foreign person, could result in severe criminal or civil penalties for the university and the university employee involved in the export. Prosecution of an export violation may result in fines of up to $1M and/or a prison sentence of up to 20 years.

Addressing Standards

  • Printed/typed using Roman letters and Arabic numbers
  • Last line is country name only, in all capital letters
  • No abbreviations
  • Addresses written in Russian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Japanese, or Chinese characters must also bear the English translation of the names of the post office and country of destination.
International Mail Sample Envelope

USPS International Classifications and Delivery Times

International Service Average Delivery Time Fees
Express Mail International 3-5 days From $57.50 at post office
(Prices are based on weight and distance)
Flat rate options are available
Priority Mail International 6-10 days From $44.50
(Prices are based on weight and distance)
Flat rate options are available
First Class Mail International Varies From $1.20 at post office
(Prices are based on weight and country)
Parcels* Varies From $12.50
(Prices are based on weight and country)
*All parcels shipped international require a customs forms attached to mail item.

USPS Customs Forms

International mail often requires a customs form. Customs forms cannot be used in place of a mailing address label.

To fill out a customs form, use the USPS online form.

For more information, see United States Postal Service Customs Forms.

Type of Mail Customs Form
Letter-size envelope (standard #10 or smaller) None
Large envelope weighing under 1lb Customs form #2976
Large envelope or packet over 1lb Customs form #2976-A (with plastic envelope #2976-E)
Boxes/parcels (any size) Customs form #2976-A (with plastic envelope #2976-E)
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