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Incoming Mail

U.S. Postal Service delivers incoming mail to the North Campus facility three times daily. Incoming mail is sorted and delivered to campus departments beginning at 8 a.m., Monday through Friday.

Suspicious Mail & Parcels

Hazardous or otherwise suspicious mail is subject to inspection by Distribution Services or UCIPD per UCI Policy. For questions please call (949) 824-6734.

Deliveries by Vendors

Small and medium-sized shipments are generally delivered directly to department addresses by vendors. To ensure accurate delivery, vendors should be provided with the exact delivery address, including purchase order number, department name, building, and room number.

Deliveries by Distribution Services

Other received goods and ethyl alcohol orders are delivered to departments by Distribution Services once a day. All standard parcels should be delivered to the addressee within 24 hours of receipt by Distribution Services.

Damaged Goods

Distribution Services does not open received goods to verify contents or to inspect for damage. Damage to the exterior packaging materials is noted on the bill of lading or delivery ticket. Since most vendors impose strict time limits on reporting damaged goods and content discrepancies, departments are advised to promptly open and inspect all shipments. Departments are responsible for resolving discrepancies with the vendors.

Objects in Envelopes

Use a padded envelope to avoid damage to a three-dimensional object. Although the weight of the envelope may increase postage cost, the risk of damage or destruction of the item by automated machinery is greatly reduced. Inserts, such as lapel pins, writing pens, or clamps, will be considered nonmachinable and are subject to damage and/or delays.

If a padded envelope is not used:

  • Paper clipped material should be inserted into the envelope so the clip is located in the lower left-hand corner, diagonally opposed to the postage placement.
  • Envelopes containing three-dimensional objects should be sealed and marked HAND STAMP by the originating office.

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