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Classifications and Rates

USPS Options

Domestic Service Average Delivery Time Fees
Express Mail Overnight (most locations) From $26.95 (Prices are based on weight and distance)
Express Mail Flat Rate Overnight (most locations) Envelope Flat Rate: $26.35
Legal Envelope Flat Rate: $26.80
Padded Envelope Flat Rate: $26.95
Priority Mail 1-3 days From $10.00 (Prices based on weight and distance)
Priority Mail Flat Rate 1-3 days Envelope Flat Rate: 8.25
Small Flat Rate: $8.45
Medium Flat Rate: $15.50
Large Flat Rate: $21.90
First Class Mail 3-3 days From $0.51
(Prices are based on weight and shape)
Standard/Parcel Post 2-9 days From $4.00
(Prices are based on weight and shape)
Media 2-9 days From $2.80
(Prices are based on weight - content restrictions apply)
Library 2-9 days From $2.66
(Prices are based on weight - content restrictions apply)

Additional Services Details Fees
Certified Mail Provides a mailing receipt and delivery information $3.60
Delivery Confirmation Provides the date, zip code, and time of delivery $2.65 paid online or $3.15 at post office
Insurance Provides indemnity coverage (up to $5,000) for lost or damaged items
($100 of insurance is included in Express Mail service)
From $2.58 (price depends on declared value)
Registered Mail The most secure service; provides maximum security (indemnity coverage up to $25,000) From $13.20

What are the different classifications of mail?

Express Mail - Express Mail Service is an expedited handling service offered by the U.S. Postal Service. Express Mail and FedEx packaging materials can be ordered via mail supplies and forwarded to a mail stop. Departments are recharged the actual postage cost plus the approved campus surcharge.

Priority Mail - All first class mail weighing more than 13 ounces and not exceeding 70 ounces is considered priority mail. At the option of the mailer, any mail weighing 13 ounces or less can be sent priority mail. There is no minimum weight limitation. There is a flat rate up to two pounds. Use priority mail when two- or three- day service is needed. Note: Priority Mail is a two-day service between major markets/cities. Contact Distribution Services at x46734 for specific information.

First Class Mail - Any piece of mail weighing up to 13 ounces or less may be sent First Class at your option. First Class mail is subject to inspection. Departments are charged the actual cost of postage plus any approved surcharge.

Standard/Parcel Post - The following items may be sent via Parcel Post: packages, merchandise, library materials, bound printed matter, sound recordings, video tapes or discs, computer media, books and films. Each piece may not exceed 70 pounds in weight and a maximum size of 108 inches in length and girth combined.

Media Rate - Specific items of Media. Examples: Books (at least 8 pages), CDs and DVDs, Sixteen millimeter or narrower width films. These are subject to inspection.

Library/Media Rate - Specific items mailed between academic institutions, public libraries, museums and other qualified organizations.

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