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Distribution Services uses ZotCodes to reduce errors and maximize efficiency within our services. For ease of use, the majority of ZotCodes are the ZIP+4 in the delivery address.

The campus mail service only runs smoothly if the correct ZotCode is applied. Please make sure you are using the correct ZotCode when addressing mail for all campus departments, both on-campus and off-campus. Omitting a ZotCode may result in failure to deliver mail, even if the remainder of the address is accurate. This mail could be sent back to Distribution Services and re-routed, adding at least two extra days to the delivery process.

Zotcode List

Updating or Adding a ZotCode

Keeping campus address data current requires campus departments to provide up-to-date information. Please inform Distribution Services if your department is planning to move or change its name. Occasionally, a department may need to add a new ZotCode.

For more information regarding the assignment of ZIP+4/ZotCode, please contact the Distribution Services Manager at (949) 824-4735.

Update Zotcodes
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