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UCI Transportation provides parking options for faculty and staff with hybrid work schedules. As a zero-emission commute mode, telecommuting is supported by our Sustainable Transportation (ST) Membership program, which is recommended for eligible employees who work commute to the UCI Main Campus for three days or less per week.

ST Membership Benefits for Telecommuters

  • Telecommuters earn five virtual incentive permits each month they are active members
  • Discounted Day-Use permits are available to supplement on-campus work days
  • Incentive and Day-Use permits may be conveniently managed online through your myCommute account
  • Memberships are valid through the end of the fiscal year and may be cancelled at any time

Learn more about ST incentives and eligibility requirements to see if you qualify. Sign up by logging into myCommute with your UCInetID and password.

myCommute website

Refer to the information below for a breakdown of your monthly parking costs to see if the ST membership is for you:

Hybrid Work Schedules Monthly Parking Costs
Days Parked on Campus ST Incentive
($8 each)
Total Parking
1 per week (or) 4 per month 5 per month 0 $0.00
2 per week (or) 8 per month 5 per month 3 $24.00
3 per week (or) 12 per month 5 per month 7 $56.00
4+ per week (or) 16+ per month 5 per month 11 $88.00
Recommended: C-General Monthly $76.00

Tips for Success in a Telecommuting Role

Get up and move: Try to find some time to participate in simple exercises, such as walks during your lunchtime. Simply moving out of your chair and stretching helps to reduce stress and prevent the development of sedentary habits.

Practice healthy ergonomics: Create a remote work environment that's meant for you. Incorporate healthy ergonomic practices such as good chair heights, comfortable keyboard positioning, and eyestrain-prevention exercises.

Communicate with your peers: Promote a productive workspace for yourself by communicating with family and friends about possible quiet hours.

For more resources regarding the benefits of telecommuting and tips for success, review the links below:

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