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Faculty/Staff Incentives

The goal of Sustainable Transportation (ST) is to reduce vehicle trips and commute emissions. To encourage employees to give ST a try, UCI offers incentives in the form of rebates on train tickets, discount on University Pass membership, campus shuttle service, occasional parking permits, and guaranteed rides home.


  • Employed by UC Irvine with an active appointment
  • Do not possess an individual long term (one month or longer) UC Irvine parking permit
  • Work at a site on the UC Irvine Main Campus where a parking permit is required (UCI Research Park and the University Town Center are not included)
  • Utilize a sustainable mode (bike, bus, carpool, shuttle, train, vanpool, or walk) for the majority of their commute. Those who use a drive-alone vehicle for the majority of the distance traveled do not qualify.
  • Register for membership via the department's myCommute system.

Registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis, please do not expect same-day fulfillment of ST permit requests. During highly impacted times (such as late June and the month of July), it may take a week or more to receive a response to your registration request.

Sustainable Transportation Permits

To aid with the rare need to drive to campus, Sustainable Transportation offers occasional-use daily Sustainable Transportation Permits.

Employee Alternate Commute Incentives
Method of Transportation Incentives Additional Incentives/Discounts
Walk/Bike 5 One day permits/mo  
OCTA 2 One day permits/mo University Pass
Shuttles 2 One day permits/mo Free to staff/students (excluding Parkwest, Newport, and Spectrum shuttles)
Vanpool 4 One day permits/mo  
Trains 2 One day permits/mo Amtrak/Metrolink*
Savings: 20% rebate on Monthly, 10-Trip, and 7-Day tickets.
Carpool 2 One day permits/mo  
Drop Off † 2 One day permits/mo  

*Restrictions apply! For more information on Incentives/Discounts for Metrolink/Amtrak riders go here
†Restrictions apply! For more information on Drop-Off Incentives/Discounts, click here..

Sustainable Transportation Permit Redemption Options

When you apply for Sustainable Transportation members via the myCommute system, you will need to select one of the three following options for redeeming your Sustainable Transportation permits.

Click here for kiosk locations and hours

To use:

  • Stop at any open information kiosk
  • Show your photo ID
  • Request your permit from the reservation system
  • The permit you receive is valid in any general unmarked or AR stall (except in Lot 80). One usage is deducted from your ST permit allotment.
  • See "Rules for Permit Use" below.

This option is a preferable if you work near a parking structure, commute in a carpool, or switch vehicles regularly.


Automated permit dispenser machines are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Click here to see a map of the dispenser locations. In this system, you are assigned a personal Dispenser Access Code upon registration.

To use:

  • Visit a permit dispenser machine
  • Select "ST RESERVED" from the main screen
  • Enter your personal Access Code
  • You will receive a permit, valid in any general unmarked or AR stall outside of Lot 80. 1 usage is deducted from your ST permit allotment.
  • Note: Dispensers are "multi-tap" enabled to allow for the use of alphanumeric codes. If you have a code that has two of same number side by side, you will need to enter the second digit after a slight pause. Watch for the asterisk to appear before hitting the same number again. Ex. Code 11234 is entered as 1-(pause)-1-2-3-4.
  • See "Rules for Permit Use" below.

This option is a preferable option if you commute in a carpool, switch vehicles regularly, and do not work near a parking structure.


LPR permitting functions 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in faculty and staff only lots. LPR is not valid in the parking structures and lots 5, 14, 14A, 16H, 70, and 80. Users may register up to three (3) license plates online within the myCommute system. The system deducts one usage from your ST permit allotment each day that car is parking on campus. It will only deduct one usage per car per day. The system allows users to update license plates online when using a different car.

BEFORE YOU PARK on campus using the LPR system, you must:

  • Receive confirmation that you have been enrolled in LPR.
  • Register your license plate(s) within the LPR system. The license plate may not be duplicated in other member's account.
  • Pick up your LPR Membership Cling at the Transportation Office.
  • Place the LPR Membership Cling on the interior, driver's side lower corner of your vehicle's windshield.
  • See "Rules for Permit Use" below.

Failure to register your license plate in your myCommute account and appropriately affix the membership cling to your windshield may result in citation.

Rules for Permit Use

  • Permits received through the Sustainable Transportation program are not valid in Lot 80, Service, X, P, disabled stalls without also displaying a disabled placard, pay by space or metered stalls. LPR incentives are only valid in faculty and staff only lots, except Lot 80.
  • Any permit(s) not used by the end of each fiscal year (JUNE 30th) do not carry over to the following year.
  • Participants who end their Sustainable Transportation membership will need to pay for ST permits used beyond their monthly allotment at the value of the current AR permit rate before they are allowed to purchase a long-term parking permit. Those who end membership and have used less than their monthly allotment will retain the use of the permits earned through the month of cancellation.
  • Sustainable Transportation parking incentives, rebates, and products are non-transferable.
  • Sustainable Transportation parking incentives are ineligible for use in any parking reciprocity agreements.
  • Failure to practice good conduct and abuse of incentives may result in revocation of program participation and incentive privileges.

Guaranteed Ride Home

All registered Sustainable Transportation participants may receive a Guaranteed Ride Home in case of illness or emergency. Transportation and Distribution Services will arrange transportation to the employee's home or other destination free of charge once every six months or a maximum of two occurrences in an academic year.

To request a Guaranteed Ride Home, call (949) 824-5060. For rides after hours, arrange the ride PRIOR to 4:30 PM, Mondays - Fridays. In an emergency, call (949) 824-2691 or (949) 981-4567.

Taxi service at the expense of a student or employee may be arranged by calling (800) 535-2211.

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