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Faculty/Staff Incentives

UCI is required to reduce vehicle trips and commute emissions created by the campus community. To encourage employees to try a sustainable commute, UCI Transportation offers a variety of incentives, such as rebates on train tickets, discounted OC Bus passes, campus shuttle service, and a guaranteed ride home program. Qualified employees may receive additional benefits when enrolled in the Sustainable Transportation (ST) Membership program.

To be eligible for ST Membership program incentives, you are required to:

  • Be employed by UCI with an active appointment.
  • Utilize your chosen sustainable commute mode (walk, bike, bus, carpool, shuttle, train, drop-off, telecommute) for the majority of your commute.
    • Note: Those who use a drive-alone vehicle for the majority of the distance travelled do not qualify.
  • Not possess an individual commuter parking permit.
  • Report to a worksite on the UCI Main Campus where a parking permit is required.
    • Note: Employees reporting to UCI Research Park and University Town Center do not qualify.
  • Apply for membership via UCI Transportation's myCommute portal.
  • Not use ST incentive parking permits in any UC parking reciprocity agreements.

Refer to our step-by-step guide on how to sign up for the ST Membership program.

ST Membership registrations are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our Employee Transportation Coordinators process registrations as efficiently as possible, but please allow seven days for your application to be processed. A waiting period of a week or longer may occur during high-impact times (such as late-June and the month of July).

myCommute website

ST Incentive Parking Permits

On the rare occasion you may need to park on campus, UCI Transportation offers incentive parking permits each month you are an active ST member. Incentive parking permits are valid in any unmarked or 'AR' reserved parking stall, with the exception of Lot 80. As a reminder, UCI requires a valid parking permit at all times when parked on campus lots and structures.

Any permits not used by the end of the fiscal year will not be carried over with membership renewals. The number of incentive parking permits resets at the beginning of the new fiscal year on July 1.

Sustainable Transportation parking incentives, rebates, and products are non-transferable. Failure to practice good conduct and abuse of incentives will result in revocation of membership and incentive privileges.

Faculty/Staff Sustainable Commute Incentives
Method of Transportation Incentive Permits Additional Incentives/Discounts
Walk/Bike 5 per month  
Telecommute* 5 per month  
Carpool 2 per month  
Vanpool 4 per month  
OCTA 2 per month University Pass
Trains 2 per month Amtrak/Metrolink**
Savings: 20% rebate on Monthly, 10-Trip, 7-Day and 5-Day tickets.
Shuttle 2 per month Free to staff/students (some exclusions apply)
Drop Off † 2 per month  

*Restrictions apply. Review details on the telecommute program.
**Restrictions apply. Review details on the train rebate program.
†Restrictions apply. Review details on drop-off incentives.

Rules for Permit Use

  • Permits received through the Sustainable Transportation program are valid in any unmarked or 'AR' reserved parking stall, with the exception of Lot 80, Service, X, P, disabled stalls without also displaying a disabled placard, pay by space, or metered stalls.
  • Incentive permits are earned monthly and are issued every 30 days. Any unused ST incentive permits are rolled over into the next month.
  • Any permit(s) not used by the end of each fiscal year (June 30th) do not carry over to the following year.
  • Sustainable Transportation parking incentives, rebates, and products are non-transferable.
  • Sustainable Transportation parking incentives are ineligible for use in any parking reciprocity agreements.
  • Failure to practice good conduct and abuse of incentives may result in revocation of program participation and incentive privileges.

Parking Permit Retrieval Options


Virtual incentive permits are managed through your myCommute account with your UCInetID and password. An incentive permit will be deducted from your ST Membership each day you mark that you are parking on campus. On the day you decide to park on campus, you must:

  1. Login into myCommute on the day you wish to park.
  2. Click the button stating "Activate your permit before parking on campus today"
  3. Select the date(s) you will park on campus
  4. Confirm that the information is accurate

Same-day vehicle registration may be updated once per day in your myCommute account. Failure to activate your permit in myCommute on the day you park on campus will result in citation(s).


Please view the kiosk locations and hours to see if this option works with you.
To retrieve your parking permit:

  1. Stop at an open information kiosk.
  2. Show your photo ID and request your permit from the reservation system.
  3. Set your permit on your vehicle dashboard and ensure that it is visible.

Cancelling your ST Membership

You may cancel your Sustainable Transportation Membership through your myCommute account.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Active ST members may receive a guaranteed ride home in case of illness or emergency. UCI Transportation will make the necessary arrangements for the employee to travel home or to another destination, free of charge. This may be used for a maximum of two occurrences in a single academic year.

To request a guaranteed ride home, call 949-824-5060. When possible, please make arrangements prior to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. After hour arrangements may be made at 949-824-2691.

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