How It Works

ZotWheels is easy and fun because you don't have the hassle or expense of owning and storing your own bike. Your membership card will allow you to rent a bike from any station simply by swiping your card in the card reader. After your ride, you may drop off your bike at any ZotWheels station with an available slot. The RFID tracking equipment marries the user's card to a specific bike and tracks its use until the bike is returned. Notifications are sent to the user, when the bike is removed and returned. If a bike is not returned, the user and security will be notified.

1. Join

Fill out the online membership application today by clicking here. It only takes a few minutes! You will get your membership card in about a week.

2. Rent

Go to one of the ZotWheels bike share locations where a bike will be waiting for you. To view an interactive map of locations click here.

Insert your membership card into the control panel card reader, select the bike you want from the keypad, and go! The instructions for using the station are illustrated below:

Station Instructions

3. Ride

Take your bike for a ride around the Inner Ring or across the street – Mason Park or Trader Joe’s!

4. Return

Just return it to any ZotWheels station with available space within three hours.

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